Art at Argyle

mosaic1 Art and Design play an important part in the life of Argyle Primary School. We believe that art education provides opportunities for children to be imaginative, creative and inventive. It engages children and enables them to explore and express feelings in ways that are unique and particular to artistic activity.

Pupils' final outcome is artwork of a very high quality and is displayed in a school gallery as well as around the classrooms to illustrate a cross- curricular approach to learning. 

Our rich art curriculum enables pupil’s  to learn about public art and contemporary artists. We believe that children should be aware of the artwork in their surrounding areas and understand the fact that contemporary artists tackle or try to raise awareness of various social issues which directly or indirectly affects the world they are growing up in. This will enhance s change their outlook on the importance of art as a tool in challenging people’s knowledge and appreciation of art as well a opinions.

DSCF0121In addition to their class based art lessons pupils throughout the school take part in numerous art workshops. Every year group visits a prestigious gallery to see an exhibition linked with their learning objective and enhance their understanding of visual art. We have participated in several arts projects which link in with the local and global community. We have also had many exhibitions in a range of galleries and spaces around London including along the Euston Road, the October Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Swiss Cottage Gallery, SOAS, Trinity Square, Kings Cross Square and the Lauderdale Gallery.

 Our collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts is acknowledged on their website and can be viewed here.

Our Curriculum Overview 2020-21

  Autumn Spring    Summer  
Year 1   
  • Observational Drawing - vegetables and fruit
  • Art Around the World
  •  Art Around the World  - Aboriginal art, Indian art - Rangoli patterns
  • Pattern and Colour as elements of art
  •  Matisse collage
  • Block Printing 
  • Water resist technique
Year 2

Artists Around the World

  • Kandinsky
  • Rothko
  • Jasper Johns


Year 3
  •  Cave Drawings
  • Silhouette of Stonehenge
  • Observational Drawings of seeds and fossils
  • Positive and Negative Space
  • Black and White Prints
  • Mouri Art-symbolism
  • Georgia O'Keefe inspired flowers
  • Egyptian Art
  • Hieroglyphs /Egyptian Gods
  • Desert landscape ink technique
  • Create a sarcophagus
Year 4
  • Monet - Reflection using watercolours
  • Mono-prints
  • Roman Mosaics
  • Illustration as a form of art linked to Varjak Paw
  • Study of Louise Wayne and her work on cats
  •  John Constable - British landscapes
  • David Hockney - rhythm as a principle of art
Year 5
  • Human Body
  • Ancient Greek Art( Form and Proportion in Art)
  • Portraits - from Tudor to Victoria to Modern Portraits
  • Comparison of Tudor Portraits with Modern Artists
  • Picasso, Frieda Kahlo, Chris Ofili
  • Positive and Negative Space in Art (subject - fruit and vegetables)
  •  Silk Painting - South American plants and animals - linked to Geography and Science
Year 6
  • Islamic Ceramics - pattern in Art
  • Still life composition - war themed
  • Lino prints
  • Fine drawing skills
  • Still life composition - war themed - Henry Moore's underground shelter
  • Technical drawing - perspective in Art
  • Rhythm in Art - acrylic paint on canvas
  • Illusion Artr linked with Science

Year 3 Cave Art

cave art 1  cave art 2

 Year 4 Reflection Paintings

 IMG 1160    IMG 1154   IMG 1152 

Year 6 Linoprints

linoprint1    linoprint3    linoprint4