Argyle Super Learning Powers


'I learn by practising and

practising again and again.'

Year 2 child



At Argyle we take the business of learning seriously and strive to find ways of maximising learning for all children, no matter what their attitudes, interests and learning styles.

 At Argyle we foster a Growth Minset approach to learning. Children who have a 'Growth Mindset' will try new things, persevere when times are difficult and learn from their mistakes. They solve problems and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Children with a 'fixed mindset' will not rise to a challenge and may be worried about making mistakes.

Through the use of 'The Argyle Super Learning Powers' in everyday school life the children  become aware of not just what they learn but also how they learn. These attributes are linked to a visual image and a name to make it more tangible to the children. Each of the images was thoughtfully designed by one of our pupils.


 ReallyRelectiveInterestedInquirerProblem solver

         Really Reflective                               Interested Inquirer                                     Problem Solver

 coolcommunicatorDoggedlyDeterminedflexible thinker

       Cool Communicator                            Doggedly Determined                           Flexible Thinker