Design Technology

'Tell me and I forget - show me and I may remember - Let me do and I learn'IMG 0430

At Argyle, Design Technology is a subject that is practical and provides opportunities for all children to design and make good quality products for a specific purpose. It encourages children to become independent and creative problem solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. They develop technical understanding and making skills, learn about design methods and investigate their environment and the materials around them.

At Argyle our curriculum for Design Technology is planned to ensure that skills are built on across each Key Stage. Activities are designed to be engaging and link to Humanities and Science topics and to prepare children to take part in the development of tomorrow's rapidly changing world.

Our Curriculum Overview 2020-21

  Autumn Spring      Summer               
Year 1  
  • Basic skills, cutting, joining,sticking
  • Cookiery: vegetable dips, crudites, salads
  •  Bread from around the World
  • Cooking flat breads over an open fire
  • Felt puppets - characters linked to castle
  • Cookery: vegetable muffins
  • Make a moving vehicle
Year 2
  • Cookery: winter salad - coleslaw
  • Breads from around the world
  • Cookery: flat breads over open fire
  • Felt puppets - characters from a castle
  • Cookery:  vegetable muffins
  • Make a moving vehicle
Year 3
  • Sculptures of Fossils
  • Models of Stonehenge
  • Cookery: Stone Age soup - outdoor cooking
  • Pneumatic dragons heads
  • Cookery: pasta and pesto
  • Create a magnetic toy
  • Cookery: Egyptian dish - couscous with dates
Year 4
  •  Clay Diva lamps
  • Roman Chariot (push along vehicle)
  • Cookery:Roman cooking - bread, dips, desserts
  • Create musical instruments e.g. pan pipes
  • Cookery: Taste fresh and pickled fish, 
  • Make fish cakes
  • Viking boats using clay, textiles:sewing
  • Outdoor cooking - vegetable kebabs using vegetables from the garden
Year 5
  • Classical Greek sculpture in proportion followed by a comparative study of Henry Moore, Barbara hepworth, Anish Kapoor      
  • Cookery: apple pie/crumble
  • Cookery:stuffed vine leaves or spanakopita and tsatsiki
  • Make an orrery
  • Woodwork - frames for portraits
  • Cookery: Potato dishes - a healthy potato salad
  • Cookery: taste different cheeses
  • Make butter and ricotta cheese (experiment with herbs)
Year 6
  •  Cookery: Cook a Middle Eastern dish
  • Create a moving vehicle with motor and switch (war vehicle)
  • Lino prints (link to Science)
  • Cookery: Vegetable quiche
  • Cookery: sushi  - link with Maths - plan, budget, purchase
  • Props and scenery for school production

Take a look at some of our Design Technology workshops.

YEAR 1 made 'Wind Up Scuttlers. These are insects made from card and wheels that are wound up and the insect 'scuttles' forward.

  IMG 9564 IMG 9566

 Year 2 made swings and see-saws using straws and pipe cleaners. 


Year 4 created a Roman Chariot complete with two horses and a charioteer.

IMG 4853 IMG 4846  

 YEAR 5 made  Orreries . These are simple working models that show the relative motion of the Earth and Moon around the Sun.


YEAR 6 created Electric Fan Buggies with a battery, motor and switch.

IMG 0661 IMG 0667 IMG 0670
  IMG 0699 IMG 0673  


All children have the opportunity to cook across the year both indoors and outside. It is an important part of them learning how to have a healthy lifestyle.

YEAR 1 Made Coleslaw

The children learnt to peel, slice, grate and mix a variety of vegetables to make coleslaw.

coleslaw 1 coleslaw 3
coleslaw4 coleslaw5