At Argyle 88% of pupils achieved the expected standard  in Writing by the end of Key Stage 2 in 2018. Children's writing skills are developed across the curriculum.




Children are taught continuous cursive handwriting from Year 1 upwards and have the chance to earn a pen licence once they have mastered their skills.

 All letters start from the line and this helps the children to join the letters neatly. Once the children are able to write in joined up handwriting, they are awarded with a pen licence. They are then able to use pen when writing in class. 

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Spelling, Handwriting and Punctuation

As well as in Literacy lessons a daily basic skills slot enables spelling, handwriting and punctuation skills to be taught in more detail. At the end of Year 6 children are required to take a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test.

Each child in years 2-6 receive between 5 and 10 spellings every fortnight based around a particular spelling pattern. For example they may be learning about the prefix ‘dis’. In class the children will complete a range of activities around this spelling pattern which may include investigating it in dictionaries or working out what happens to the word when ‘dis’ is added to the beginning of it.

For homework, the children then complete an activity based around the same spelling pattern that they are learning about. Sometimes the children write each spelling in a sentence but occasionally are asked to do a different type of activity. This can include investigating patterns, playing a spelling game like Boggle, or creating a mnemonic (this is when you think of an easy way to remember the word e.g. Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants – because).

The children then complete a dictation where they copy out a paragraph that the teacher says. This tests some of the words that the children have learned as well as other similar ones. Not all the words are tested. Instead the teacher checks to see that the children have understood the spelling pattern well and know how to apply it.

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