English Pocket Opera Company

EPOC are a resident Opera Company who took up residency at Argyle in 2015 and play an important role in inspiring and extending Argyle pupil's music knowledge and experience. Staff from EPOC host a fortnightly singing assembly in addition to the normal weekly singing assemblies. 

In 2016 they supported Argyle in putting on a whole school performance of Shakespeares 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' with actors starting in the top hall  and gradually working down the school incorporating different classes into the performance with the finale in the KS2 playground.

In 2017 another Shakespearean work was performed, this time 'Romeo and Juliet.'

In 2019 all children from Nursery to Year 5 performed a version of  'The Magic Flute' by Mozart. Set in Ancient Egypt the story centres around a young prince called Tamino who sets out to win the hand of Princess Pamina. 




Further information regarding the work of the English Pocket Opera can be found at www.epoc.co