Argyle School Early Years Foundation Stage

Currently our Foundation Stage consists of a 39 place Nursery and two Reception classes.

IMG 5695The Foundation Stage aims to provide a happy, caring and safe environment, stimulate children’s natural curiosity and allow them to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. We want children to develop independence and to co-operate with others and to talk and communicate in a range of situations whilst learning the skills needed to progress through school and future life.

006Following the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage document, opportunities for learning are provided through a planned, balanced, adult-led and child-initiated curriculum. Children experience a range of whole class, group work and independent tasks.There are seven areas in the Early Years Curriculum: Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Children have a daily phonics lesson based on the Letters and Sounds scheme.To enable children to develop a positive self-esteem and attitude learning takes place both inside and outdoors. It is expected that suitable outer clothing and footwear are worn to school so that children can benefit from the experiences provided in all weathers.

Partnerships with Parents

Parent partnerships are highly valued with Ocean Maths and Crescent Literacy held regularly. In these highly popular sessions parents, teachers and children work together supporting children’s learning through a range of games and activities. Parents discover how we teach Literacy and Maths and find out ways in which they can support their children at home.

Our Reception Playground

At Argyle we feel very strongly about the importance of outdoor learning to support both a child's academic development and pysical and emotional well-being. In the light of this, during the Spring and Summer terms of 2015 we fully refurbished our Reception playground. The equipment has been designed to promote children's development across all areas of learning and includes a climbing frame, stage, a track for bikes cars and scooters, a natural den area,a role play cottage and an area that has been planted to attract butterflies and bees.

IMG 0339   IMG 0341

 IMG 0345    IMG 0346                                         

Ocean Maths and Crescent Literacy

All our parents and children have the opportunity to participate in a series of both Maths and \literacy sessions learning and playing together. Nursey parents attended a Bookstart session with their children making props to tell the story of 'The Shark in the Dark' by Nick Sharratt. both Nursery and Reception parents had great fun trying to solve the challenges in the Maths Roadshows.

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Our full EYFS Policy can be read here.

Each half-term alongside child-initiated learning, we also plan and teach following a range of themes aimed at broadening children's knowledge and interests. This table shows the topics we currently follow.

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Nursery All About Me  Nursery Rhymes  People Who Help Us Fantasy Stories Animals and Minibeasts Transport
Reception Ourselves  Traditional Tales We are Explorers We are Investigators  How Does Your Garden Grow? Farm Animals

The following pictures provide a snap-shot of some of the daily learning that takes place in the EYFS .

Mathematical Development

Children learn much of their maths through playing games.

IMG 1046   IMG 1045 

  Understanding the World

Children learn through exploring and investigating  to develop their 'Understanding of the World'. Cooking helps children understand how materials change alongside supporting their mathematical development.

IMG 5483

Children visited the local Church and the Mosque as part of their learning to find out what is 'Special' to the followers of Christianity and Islam.

photo 10   photo 11

Creative Development

As part of our learning we have many opportunities for 'Creative Development' such as den building and role play as well as using a range of art materials.

DSCF2976  SAM 3523  

In addition to using computer programs and Ipads children learn to program and control toys including Bee-Bots.

photo 1

 Children are encouraged to develop their language skills and an interest in the wider world through a love of books. Nursery children took part in a Bookstart session alongside their parents in which they made props to help them act out the story of 'The Shark in the Dark' by Nick Sharratt.