Year 6 visited Coventry Cathedral 

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 Geography and history topics at Argyle are planned to inspire children's curiosity about the past and about the world in which they live. In both subjects the approach is twofold: to develop children's knowledge and their skills.

Every topic starts with a 'Big Question' to engage children's interest and encourage children to develop their own questions, to think critically and to draw on their 'Super Learning Powers' as Inquisitive Enquirers. As part of their homework children are challenged to make models, annotate maps and research key figures - giving them the opportunity to delve deeper into a subject.

Educational visits play a key part in every topic. In geography map and compass skills are developed in visits to Trent Park, Bonsall and orienteering on Hampstead Heath. Subject knowledge is widened through exploring our local area and visits  further afield, for example, to the River Thames and Annables Farm in Hertfordshire. In history, subject knowledge and skills in interpreting primary and secondary sources are developed by visits to a wide range of museums including the Florence Nightingale Museum, the British Museum, the R.A.F. Museum in Hendon and the Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Progression in developing skills as historians and geographers plays an important part in children's learning. From Year 1 to Year 6 children learn to order objects and events chronologically; they learn to identify information from a range of primary and secondary sources and to reflect on what life might have been like in the past.Skills in drawing and reading maps are also taught throughout the school and links are made between science and geography when studying different areas.

geography markIn September 2015 we were delighted to be awarded the Primary Quality Geography Mark Silver Award. This values our cross-curricular approach to learning and the breadth and content of our curriculum.

Our Humanities Topic Overview from 2020 - 21

This year our KS1 classes are made up of a mix of Year 1 and 2 pupils. As a result we have created a 2-year rolling programme for Humanities - in the table below thet are referred to as A and B. This year they will be studying the topics described in B.

  Autumn  Spring  Summer 1

Our School, Our Home, Our World

Our Wider World  (Spring 1)

Travelling Through Time - Castles

(Spring 2)

Travelling Through Time - Transport     


London’s Burning -The Great Fire of London

Historical Heroes - famous people Forests and Rainforests
Year 3
Prehistoric Britain

Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes


Year 4

Rivers - from source to sea (Autumn 1)

Invaders and Settlers -

Romans (Autumn 2)

Invaders and Settlers -

Vikings (Spring 1)

Anglo-Saxons (Spring 2)

City versus Countryside

Bonsall - an in-depth study of a contrasting location

Year 5

Ancient Greeks

The Changing Power of Monarchy (with a focus on Tudors, Elizabethans and Victorians) Farming in the U.K. and South America
Year 6
 The Golden Age of Islam (Autumn 1)
 London during the Blitz
(Autumn 2) 

London during the Blitz continued (Spring 1)

Biomes (Spring 2)

The United Kingdom - What divides us, what unites us?

Take a look at our galleries that show some of the interesting places we have visited as part of our curriculum. Click on a picture to view each gallery.

Autumn Term 2019


 Spring Term 2020


Summer Term 2019





Mr Bicknell contacted as he was a pupil at Argyle during World War 11. He sent the school several photos from his time at Argyle. These have been made into a display as they represent an important part of the school's history. Year 6 pupils have been studying World War 11 and made a video for Mr Bicknell to tell him about their learning and the school today.