At Argyle we have decided to adopt Latin as our Modern Foreign Language. This decision came about after taking part in the Latin Programme, initially for Years 5 and 6, and seeing the impact it had on their learning of English Grammar. Latin is the root of English and many other languages. It is a valuable key to understanding and learning these, and is a fun and fascinating subject for all children and so we now teach it to all children in Key Stage 2.

 Storytelling, games and activities are used to introduce Latin grammar and to demonstrate the links between Latin and English. In this way we hope to unlock the complexities of English and instil a fascination for learning new languages. Further information can be found by clicking on the following link: The Latin Programme.

The Latin Programme gives Year 6 pupils the opportunity to vosit Cambridge University to further their studies and give them experience of life at a university.

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 Roman Cooking

Children in years 3,4 and 5 learned how Romans prepared their food with teachers from the Latin programme.. They made flatbreads from a kind of wheat called spelt and ate it with mashed carrots and cumin seeds, mint and a little feta cheese. They also sprinkled dates with honey and cinnamon.

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Fun With Latin

It is important that children keep practising their Latin knowledge. Lots of recommended games can be found at the link below.

We would like children to practice some of the activities as part of their Homework. Links to the relevant activities can be found below.

Year 3

Year 4