In the Early Years Mathematics is embedded into children's daily routines and through the Foundation Stage 'play' based curriculum so that from an early age children develop an enjoyment of number. 

All children in KS1 and 2 have a daily Maths lesson in which exciting opportunities for the application of number skills are built in. Maths is planned for both indoors and outside with resources children can access and use independently as well as with an adult.

All children in KS1 and 2 have a daily Maths lesson in which exciting opportunities for the application of number skills are built in. From Year 1 they learn times tables through songs, games and chanting which will help prepare them for the new Year 4 maths multiplication test that will start from 2020. Talk and Challenge are  key foci throughout all maths lessons and there are lots of opportunities for the children  to discuss, discover, reason and explore to help them  become great problem solvers.

From Year 1 children have a MyMaths account where class teachers can set online homework for them to complete. There are a wide and exciting range of activities for the children which helps them  practise and master keys maths skills. In addition to this the children may also choose to log on and play exciting and engaging maths games during non-directed time.

During  the Spring term 2018, children in KS2 entered a Camden wide multiplication challenge called 'Spring Slam'. The children completed a Spring Slam Test each week, which became progressively harder as the competition continued. Argyle did extremely well and came within the Top Ten schools so were able to compete in the Grand Slam competition. The children really enjoyed the competitive spirit of the event and performed brilliantly with children as young as Year 3 showing they know all their times tables! We hope next year we continue our amazing achievements and come back with the trophy!

There are also after school maths clubs that the children can join, for example Problem Solvers, MyMaths and Summer Slam to help promote the love of maths.

Maths slam answersOcean Maths sessions are held for children and their parents in the Early Years. This is a great opportunity for children to learn Maths with their parents whilst having fun. At the same time parents develop an awareness of the skills and knowledge their children are expected to have.

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Our Mathematics Policy is available to read here.

Times Table Challenge

We have a Times Table Challenge that involves them completing a times table grid and try to beat the clock! Children are working towards their Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Badges.

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Argyle Multiplication Challenge Bronze Award

Argyle Multiplication Challenge Silver Award

Argyle Multiplication Challenge Gold Award

Argyle Multiplication Challenge Platinum Award

Children in all year groups work towards achieving the 'Building Blocks' appropriate to the age group. The knowledge built into each one are key to developing mathematical skills and understanding. When a child achieves the skills aligned to their year group they move on to the next set.

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