P.E. at Argyle


Early Years                                                                                                                                                             

In the Early Years our staff teach Physical Development in a fun and informal way to ensure that children develop their balance, co-ordination and basic skills in Physical Education. They also develop their fine motor skills and learn about keeping healthy.

KS1                                       DSCF0154

Children in KS1 have two hours of P.E. a week. They are taught gymnastics ,dance,  athletics and a wide variety of games.




Skills taught in Key Stage 1 are built upon in Key Stage 2. Additionally, children have swimming lessons and are trained in cycling proficiency. We have developed a strong link with Arsenal Football Club. Children have specialist training sessions with their coaches and have the opportunity to join our Arsenal after school club.

May Day

All children from Nursery to Year 6 take part in our annual May Day event learning and performing a country dance.

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 Wider Sporting Activities

We also provide a range of sporting activities as part of our curriculum. This year the children in Year 4 have the opportunity to  work with coaches who are training them to play cricket.  These have been partly funded by the 'Primary Schools Sports Funding'. Further information about this funding can be found on our Sports Funding page.



Take a look at our Physical Education Overview for 2020-21 here.

Children MUST always be prepared for P.E. with the correct kit. Kit should be brought in on a Monday and taken home for washing on a Friday.

Red Argyle T-shirt
Black jogging bottoms or leggings
Green Argyle hooded sweat top (optional)

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May Day

Sports Day 2013

Dance Festival