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Rolls Royce Science Prize



seed to supper                   IMG 1499


Not only did we receive a stunning trophy but also a cheque towards the cost of taking a group of children to visit the Eden Project!

The video produced by Rolls Royce for the awards ceremony can be viewed below.

                                                               Rolls Royce Video

All the information about the years project can be read below.                           

 Seed to Supper Project  Action Plan

With ever-increasing demands on time and resources the action plan seeks ways to make science lessons more dynamic, engaging and cross-curricular. We aim to develop links in our curriculum between growing plants and food science as a central thread running through all year groups. Within this, each year group will have a specific focus, closely linked to the new learning objectives in the science curriculum, but which make clear and creative links to art, design and technology, particularly cooking. This more holistic approach to science planning will in turn draw in other subject areas: maths, in problem solving and measuring; literacy, in report writing, diaries, explanations, recipes; PE, looking at healthy lifestyles, and so on. At the heart of this, as in the new curriculum, will be an emphasis on year-round learning, the outdoor classroom and building the children's vocabulary in meaningful contexts.

 By the end of the 2015-16 academic year:

  1. We will have significantly broadened the range and quantity of fruit and vegetables grown in school and every child at Argyle will have been involved in growing at least one fruit or vegetable plant, harvesting it and preparing/cooking it,
  2. We will have fully implemented an extended cookery scheme of work which involves each year group from 1-6 in cooking every term,
  3. Children will have an improved understanding of healthy eating, nutrition and the difference between fresh and processed food;
  4. We will have planned and carried out a range of actions which improve community awareness of issues relating to sustainability (eg. impact of food waste/importance  of recycling/uses of reclaimed materials)
  5. We will have built and experimented with outdoor cooking facilities.

 Meet the Team

A team of keen members of staff have agreed to co-ordinate the project under the guidance of the project lead Miss Melanie Jones. Find out more about each member of the team in their biographies below.

Project Team Biographies click here.

What Have We Been Doing?

Follow Our Monthly Blog to discover the wide range of opportunities children across the school have every week. Click on a month to find out more.

June 2016 - Project Evaluation

May 2016 

food diary edible alphabet  book on sale

            A Completed Food Diary                  Year 1's Edible Alphabet           Our Fantastic 'Seed to Supper' Book

April 2016

flowers2 pizza ovenIMG 0709         Changing the colour of flowers             Cooking on our fantastic pizza oven           What part of the plant do we eat?

March 2016

IMG 0440        IMG 0435        IMG 0445

Year 1 Learned Where                Year 2 Found Out About            Year 3 Studied seed Dispersal

 Different   Food Grows               Rainforest Products

IMG 0448  IMG 0594  IMG 0508

Year 4 Learned About The Water                      Our Vegetable Parade Was A                 Children Tasted a Huge 

Cycle And Water Quality                                        Great Success!                                   Variety Of Vegetables

February 2016

IMG 0575 IMG 0777 IMG 0824

KS1 Trialling Juice Combinations               Years 3 and 4 Investigating Habitats                        Composting

January 2016 

DSCF1236 DSCF1257 IMAG0181

Growing Mushrooms in the Early Years

December 2015

IMG 0281  IMG 0288

                                     Year 2 Practising 'A Mile A Day'

November 2015

IMG 0680  IMG 0661   IMG 0679 

 Year 2 Cooking Bread Outdoors

October 2015

 IMG 3302   IMG 3652  IMG 0057

Parents Preparing Harvest Lunch                       Harvest Assembly                                  Selling Produce at City Hall

SAM 3923 - Copy     SAM 4067    IMG 3546

  Year 1 Exploring Garden Plants      Year 1 Observational Drawing of Vegetables      Year 5 Learning About Honey