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We believe in giving all children a chance to discover technology and all the possibilities it brings with it. It is crucial that all pupils gain the confidence and skills which they need in this subject to prepare them for the challenges of a rapidly developing and changing technological world. Our curriculum aims to ensure that pupils understand and apply the fundamental principles of computer science, including logic, algorithms and data representation. They also have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs and are taught to understand computer networks, including the internet and the World Wide Web, and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration. Pupils also learn how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly and to recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour and how to report concerns.

I.C.T. lessons are taught in our specialist suite, which is part of our Discovery Zone, for all year groups from Nursery upwards.All KS1 and KS2 classrooms have four laptops as well as the class computer and interactive whiteboard. Children learn Key I.C.T. skills from mouse skills to programming and creating their own movies. They can later use these skills in their lessons when working on laptops in class, in after-school clubs or at home preparing projects as part of their homework.All classes have the opportunity to use a bank of 30 Ipads so that every child can access I.C.T.  to support their learning including reading books and playing Maths games.

The school also teaches children to use different forms of I.C.T. As part of their learning, children use Easispeak microphones to record anecdotes and interviews.In the Early Years and KS1 Storyphones are used to foster children's love of books and  listening skills. We also have sets of programmable Bee-Bots to support children's early Maths development and programing skills.