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Mission and Values

Our Mission

We want everyone to become responsible citizens and learners by following the Argyle Code.

Our Argyle Adventure shows all the exciting experiences pupils will have during their time here at Argyle. 

The Argyle Code
The Argyle Adventure
Our Values

Pupils are taught explicitly about the values that are important to us and help us to achieve our goals. Throughout each year we will focus on one value per month. This value will be brought to life through assemblies, school forum and our curriculum activities.  Over time, children develop a deep understanding of what each value means and can discuss examples of how they demonstrate school values in their own life.

Values Cycles
Cycle 1 Cycle 2
Excellence  Fun
Compassion Love
Peace Honesty
Self-Control Friendship
Courage  Kindness
Kindness Patience
Positivity Wisdom
Respect Fairness
Collaboration Gratitude
Drive Self-belief
Empathy  Forgiveness