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At Argyle, music is an important and integral part of children's education and we are proud of all the opportunities on offer for young musicians. Children enjoy a weekly singing assembly and weekly music lessons that are taught by our head of music, Mrs Annette Pryce and Camden music tutors. Our scheme of work is not only in line with the National Curriculum, but we also aim to add a rich and wide variety of musical experiences to pupils lives.

Wider Opportunities and Peripatetic Lessons

Every pupil in Years 4 and 5 has the fantastic opportunity to learn an instrument as part of our Wider Opportunities project. Children learn either the violin/recorder/tin whistle in small groups during weekly lessons. These lessons are delivered by highly skilled Camden Music tutors and we provide instruments for children to take home to practise on. The aim of the program is to give all pupils a taste of the enjoyment, skill, focus and satisfaction that comes from learning an instrument and playing in a group. Some Wider Opportunities students are chosen to perform at the Camden Music Festival at the Royal Albert Hall, some go on to join other groups like the Somers Town Sinfonia or Camjam.

Children can choose to further their skills by signing up for peripatetic instrumental lessons in flute, violin or keyboard. These are also delivered by Camden tutors but in smaller groups or individual lessons. This gives children the opportunity to take their playing to the next level and enjoy a more individual approach to their music education.


The KS2 choir is run by our head of music and is a vibrant choir full of talent and enthusiam. The KS2 choir was invited to perform at the Bloomsbury Festival in Autumn 2017. This involved singing in two public concerts, one being an outdoor concert in the heart of Coram's Field. These concerts required not only great singing skills, but also acting and instrumental playing.

The KS2 choir always participate in the Camden Music Festival, held every second year at the Royal Albert Hall. In 2018 we took a 40 strong choir to sing along with all the other Camden choirs, forming a massed choir of 2000 children. It was a musical spectacular and an experience that our choir members will always remember. On alternate years the choir participates at the Camden Primary Choir Festival held at the Camden Centre. This gives the choir the opportunity to not only sing in a massed choir, but also perform an individual item.

Performance, Workshop and Music Appreciation Opportunities

There are many performance opportunities during the school year.

EYFS hold a 'Summer Singing Extravaganza' where children have the opportunity to share their love of singing with their parents.

Reception classes attend a workshop and concert at King's Place where they are actively involved in a performance and story, performed by the Aurora Orchestra.

Year 1 attends an 'Orchestra Up Close' concert in the summer term, hosted by the Young Person's Concert Foundation. This is a great opportunity to not only watch an orchestra play live, but also actively participate in the concert by singing and acting.

All Year 2 children take part in an annual 'Camden Cluster Festival' where they join other schools in our community for a concert. It is also the role of Year 2 to perform the 'Meaning of Christmas' celebration to parents.

All instrumentalists have at least one assembly during the year where they can demonstrate their skills to parents and pupils.

Year 6 pupils draw together all their acting and singing skills in their end of year production.

We have strong links to the Royal Academy of Music who deliver at least one composition workshop a year (usually with Year 4) linked to their topic at the time.

Our established links the the Foundling museum also provides regular workshop and performance opportunities. In 2016, our year 3 children worked alongside renowned composer, Luke Styles, and composed a new Foundling Anthem. This was performed to members of the public, in the inspiring setting of the Foundling Museum gallery. The same group of children returned to the Foundling Museum this year to share their experiences with the Duchess of Cambridge, who visited the museum to learn more about their educational work in the community.

Argyle is the only Camden school to host a whole schoolMay Day Festival. On May 1st children, staff and parents gather for a festival of dance and song. Every year group performs a dance and Year 4 has the honour of performing the Maypole Dance.This is a highlight of the Argyle calendar as we welcome summer with a song, a hop and a skip.