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At Argyle, our main way to communicate with parents is via an app named ParentHub. We advise parents to turn on notifications for the app, and check it three times a day (morning, noon and night).

On ParentHub, parents are automatically linked to their child's class channel, the School Office Channel, Family Support Channel and channels of clubs that your child has joined.

Posts are sent very regularly on the School Office channel, this can include the weekly newsletter, messages from the headteacher, notifications of After School Clubs, Educational Trips and events taking place such as class assemblies or meetings.

We send direct messages to you regarding your child and may need to have a quick conversation via the 'Chat' feature, where parents can respond to our messages in a 'whatsapp' like style.  

If you are a new ParentHub user:

1. Download the Parent Hub app from your app store (iPhone or Android).
2. Create yourself an account.
3. Choose “Join a School” and enter the school handle @ArgylePrimary                                                                                            4. Ensure you can see your child's name on the 'Schools' tab.

Also you can monitor your child's  recent attendance via the 'Schools' Tab by clicking on your child's name and scrolling down to attendance.