After School Clubs

Each term we offer a selection of after school clubs. Ballet, Football, Cookery, Multisports, French, Board games, Reading and Homework are some of the options that were available last year. Though clubs are aimed at different age groups, there is something suitable for all children from Reception class to Year 6.

We notice that those children who attend clubs tend to be more confident and enthusiastic in class too. For this reason we encourage all children to attend at least one club and we strive to keep the cost extremely competitive.

Our timetable of clubs for the Summer Term 2018 can be viewed below.

 Clubs will NOT run on the week of Parents Evening.

Monday Tuesday Weds  Thursday Friday
Discovery Zone  Discovery Zone

Homework Club



Yrs 4, 5  and 6 

    Dodgeball Yrs 4,5,6                           

Rounders Club Yrs 1,2,3

 Spring Slam Times Table Club

Team Games

Yrs 1,2 and 3 

Drumming and Percussion


Cooking Club

Years 2, 3 and 4  

Homework Club


Discovery Zone

Outdoor Science

Athletics Club Yrs 4, 5, 6  

Tennis Club Yrs 1, 2, 3

 Engineering Club

Cricket Club

Yrs 4, 5, 6


Gymnastics Yrs 1,2,3


    Lego Club Yrs 1. 2. 3