School Uniform

uniform2At Argyle School all children, including nursery children are expected to wear uniform.

In the Early Years a blue sweathirt embroidered with the school logo is worn together with a pale blue polo shirt.Children also wear grey or black school style skirts or trousers. Nursery children may wear black jogging trousers.

From Year 1 children wear blue shirts and a royal blue jumper and proudly begin to wear a green school tie.

Cardigans and outdoor fleece jackets bearing the school logo are also available.

Shoes or trainers should be plain black. We ask that girls wear shoes with low heels and that sandals should have a strap around the ankles.

In the summer girls may wear pale blue checked school dresses.

Children who wish to cover their heads may wear navy or black hijabs.p.e.kit

Red T shirts with the school logo are worn for P.E. together with black shorts or jogging trouser or leggings. A green hooded top with the school logo is also available for P.E.

Watches, and, if necessary small ear studs are the only type of jewellery acceptable at school.

We also ask that all children have a book bag and recommend each child has their own water bottle.

Please note it is the responsibility of families to clearly name all uniform items, school coats and bags.

The school shop is open on Tuesday from 3.00 - 4.00p.m. We seek to ensure that all items are sold  'at cost' and do not make a profit. We hope that by keeping prices low all parents will support the school and ensure that their child is fully dressed in correcct uniform.

.Click here to download a school uniform order form together with a current price list.

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