Mission and Values


Our Mission Statement

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Our Values

Children learn about values primarily through everyday interaction with everyone in the school community.  It is through modelling positive behaviour and values that we can all understand our expectations of each other and how we all want to be treated.  To support this we have a structured approach to assemblies, and circle time that teach the values and encourage children to deepen their understanding of what the values mean to them.  

There will be a new value introduced each month during assembly time. Subsequent assemblies, circle times and class assemblies that focus on SEALS (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning), community religious celebrations or national events will also refer to our values.

 The following is a list of our chosen values for 2017-18





 Key Community religious celebrations/

national events

 September  Excellence  New Beginnings


National Poetry Day

 October  Kindness  Getting On and Falling Out  Diwali
 November  Compassion  Say No to Bullying



Children in Need

 December  Respect  Getting On and Falling Out  Christmas
 January  Drive  Going for Goals
 February Responsibility  Going for Goals  Shrove Tuesday
 March  Self-Control  Good to be Me  World Book Day
 April  Positivity  Good to be Me  Lent
 May  Empathy  Relationships

 May Day


June Collaboration Relationships Eid-al-Fitr
July Courage Changes  



  •  Improvement Priorities for 2017-2018
Increase the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning.
Secure more rapid progress in writing so that more children reach expected standards and a higher proportion reach greater depth each year.
Strengthen pupil voice in all aspects of the school so that learning is more closely tailored to pupil interests, they are more actively involved in tracking their own progress and there are high levels of satisfaction and engagement.
Harness the active support of parents, volunteers and stakeholders to further increase the academic achievement of pupils and enhance community satisfaction and active involvement in school.
Improve overall attendance and reduce the number of cases of persistent absence.

Download full details of our School Improvement Plan 2017-18 below.

School Improvement Plan 2017-18