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Child Protection Conference  8.7.19  Melodie Tyne

·         It was confirmed mother still suffers from depression;

·         Famil have moved to own two bedroom flat;

·         There are a few outstanding issues for the Social Worker to complete -

1. Exploration of Mis Bongongos own personal history

2.  To explore summer scheme placement for Melodie

3. Social Worker to look into story stem work for Melodie - especially as relationship between Melodie and her dad has become more distant.

·         School Nurse to refer Melodie to audiology for hearing test;

·         School nurse to continue to monitor health;

·         Ms Bongongo does not want a family group conference;

·         Dad has agreed not to take substances when caring for Melodie;

·         Ms Bongongo to resign from job and take up a Law degree in autumn.



It was agreed that Melodie no longer appears to be at risk of domestic violence and case could be  reduced to Child in Need.


CIN Review meeting to be held at Crowndale on 5th October at 3.00 p.m.