School Improvement Plan

 The School Improvement Plan sets out  our strategic priorities for improving the school.

School Improvement Priorities 2020-21

Priority 1: Recovery and Catch-up

Ensure a swift return to post lockdown school for all children, supporting children to settle, learn and 'catch-up' so that gaps in learning are minimised.

Priority 2: Well-being

Further develop provision to promote high levels of mental health and physical well-being for children and staff.

Priority 3: Ambition and Positivity

Re-ignite a sense of positivity and ambition in pupils, staff and parents so that the goals of the school are understood and demonstrated by all and children take increasing responsibility for theor own achievements and progress.

Further details of our School Improvement Plan 2020 - 21 can be found below.

School Improvement Plan 2020-21

Our evaluated School Improvement Plan 2019-20 can be found below:

School Improvement Plan 2019-2020