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School Improvement Plan

 The School Improvement Plan sets out  our strategic priorities for improving the school.

School Improvement Priorities 2021- 22

Priority 1: Pedagogy

Improve teaching and learning (and therefore pupil progress) by looking in detail at classroom practice and perfecting the different aspects of direct instruction as well as ensuring appropriate opportunities for enquiry based learning.

Priority 2: Closing Gaps

Ensure that the planned curriculum is adapted to address identified gaps in learning for each cohort and plan and deliver a range of targeted interventions that support the most vulnerable to catch up and make accelerated progress.

Priority 3: Wellbeing, Ambition and Positivity

Build upon and embed actions taken to promote wellbeing, ambition and positivity amongst pupils, staff and parents.

Further details of our School Improvement Plan 2021 - 22 can be found below.

School Improvement Plan 2021 -22