At Argyle we have high expectations of all our children and aim to offer excellence and choice to all our children whatever their ability or needs. We want all our children to feel that they are a valued part of our school community. Through appropriate curricular provision, we respect the fact that children:

  • have different educational needs and aspirations
  • require different strategies for learning
  • acquire, assimilate and communicate information at different rates
  • need a range of different teaching approaches and experiences.

In 2011 we were delighted to be awarded the Camden Mark for Inclusion in recognition that our inclusive strategies impact on children.

Details of the Camden Local Offer and the principles behind it can be found here. This sets out a wide range of information about the specialist services, schools, colleges and organisations that can provide support and information for families of young children and people with SEND.It explains the procedures for requesting an assessment for an Education, health and care plan. If you wish to discuss any concerns regarding your child you may make an appointment with our SENCO Ms Bernie Mukasa.

School Local Offer

Argyle Primary School is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

From within the school budget we fund the following *additional support: We link with the local authority for other support shown here.

*Pupil Counsellor

1 day per wk

Works with children, and sometimes parents, offering support for a range of emotional or learning needs, or with children at a time of crisis.

*Class based Teaching Assistants

     Full time 

In -class support for individuals or small groups of children, implementing advice from supporting professionals.

Speech and Language Therapist

 12 half days per term

Enhanced provision from the Mainstream service, individual assessments and direct work with children and their teachers, support with strategies, advice and training for staff.
Ocupational Therapist 12 half days per term Advice and startegies for children with fine or gross motor difficulties.

Mosaic Social Communication Assessment Centre

By referral

Advice and strategies for children who have a diagnosis of autistic spectrum condition

Swiss Cottage Camden Physical Disability (PD) Outreach Service

By referral

Advice and strategies for children at school, home and in the community who have physical disabilities.

Mosaic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Advice and training on request by the school

Strategies and advice on supporting children with emotional or behavioural difficulties.

*Educational Psychologist

Approximately 4 sessions per term

Testing/observation of children. Advice to staff, parents and children on a range of learning needs and staff training.

Camden Sensory Team

Advice on request by the school

Access to support and advice for children with visual or hearing impairments.

Medical Needs Team

Advice on request by the school

Access to support and advice for children with medical needs.

Accessible site

  • Has accessible entrances, dining hall and teaching area.
  • All areas of the playground are accessible
  • Accessible toilets for children and adults including one with wheelchair access
  • Medical room

Communication with parents

  • Appointments to speak to senior staff or teaching staff can be made by mutual agreement as and when necessary.
  • Weekly parents Drop in Sessions
  • School website
  • Weekly school newsletter

More information may be found within individual school policies. 

Provision detailed in the School Offer is reviewed annually to reflect changing needs within the school and according to the funding that is available within the school budget.